Training Programs

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][title]Training Programs[/title][vc_column_text]The National Ranges Company (NRC) has a compilation of training courses designed for beginners and experienced shooters alike ranging from the fundamentals of marksmanship, improving shooting proficiency, speed and precision drills with absolute emphasis on gun safety, safe handling and general and specific range rules.

There are two (2) spacious lectures halls that can accommodate approximately thirty (30) persons each at the same time. The Training Team is composed of qualified and knowledgeable instructors with considerable experience on each area of specialization from air weapons, pistols and rifles.

  1. Teach shooters basic principles of being a responsible shooter (safety and security basics).
  2. The mechanics in using pistols and rifles.
  3. Shooting techniques (fighting).
Maintaining and Cleaning Weapons

The Company has a resident-gunsmith and support staff in-charge of the routine cleaning and lubrication of all weapons being used in our ranges. Pending approval from the Ministry of Interior, we will be accepting all types of gun repair and maintenance in the future.


One of the principals activities range complex is champions, and nowadays the complex has two champions per week every Monday and Fridays.
And monthly the complex has big champion and the champion system as following:

  • Free subscription for members.
  • Subscription for visitors with cheap subscription.
  • The shooter should not be under 18 years.
  • The rewards are different form champion to another.
Fun Shoots

One of the more popular attractions at the range complex is the Fun Shoot, a twice-a-week practical shooting competition held on Fridays and Mondays. Special rewards always await the best shooters![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]