Safety Instructions

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General Instruction
  1. Safety and discipline inside the shooting ranges are a must and have priority over any other consideration.
  2. Safe gun handling is the shooter’s personal responsibility.
  3. Firearms are dangerous. Their misuse can cause death or serious injuries.
  4. The shooter should always see to his own safety as well as to the others.
  5. The shooter has always to handle the firearm as though it were loaded.
  6. The shooter should get familiar with the directions for use of any firearm prior to handling and shooting.
  7. Accidents do not just happen. They are the result of violating the rules of safe gun handling.
Special Rules
  1. Ear and eye protection are mandatory on the range.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to smoke or to bring in food and beverages in the basement area, including the waiting room.
  3. All guns must be unloaded, magazines removed and mechanisms opened, expect while firing.
  4. Muzzles are to be pointed in a safe direction, at all times.
  5. Do not move around with a loaded firearm. When changing position on the range, all firearms must be unloaded, clear and safe.
  6. Do not touch your firearm while anyone is in front of the firing line.
  7. No shooter may go forward of the firing line until directed to do so by the range officer.
  8. During cease fire all firearms must be unloaded, magazines removed, and mechanisms open and muzzles pointed down range.
  9. The shooter must not turn around while handling his firearm.
  10. In case of shooting incident the firearm must be laid down on the shooting bench and the range officer called upon.
  11. Never pick up or handle another person’s firearm without permission and never hand another person the loaded gun or one with action closed.
  12. While firing, the muzzles must reach the front, or be ahead of firing line.
  13. Do not put live ammunition into the trash cans.
  14. Complying with range officer’s instruction is a must. He is in-charge and responsible for safety on the range. If you disagree with the decision, contact the club manager.