Shooting Ranges

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][title]Shooting Ranges[/title][vc_column_text]facilities2Shooting Range Complex is one of National Ranges Company which is known as a unique project among State of Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf either for the activity side and/or the interior design side for the ranges that the law of security and safety in all the building descriptions is taken add that the ranges are designed with special way to protect the shooters in and out the ranges as following:

  1. Combat Wall Panel System designed to stop and capture rounds that impact the walls.
  2. Standard Rubber Pavement (SRP) floor covering provides ballistic protection from errant rounds striking concrete floors.
  3. Angled steel guards protect all downrange protuberances such as light fixtures, conduit, and ducts from impact and will deflect bullets in the direction of the trap.
  4. Our ceiling system reduces the risk of injury or damage from a vertically misdirected shot by stopping the path of the round and trapping it in an air-space panel.
  5. A series of angled air-space baffles required to protect the ceiling, lights, ducts, pipes, and range equipment downrange.
  6. Reclining GranTrap granular rubber bullet trap bullet containment systems. Its patented design overcomes the shortcomings of steel traps and meets the need for a safer and cleaner environment for shooting ranges.
  7. Audio-wired talkback communication system
  8. Firing Line Security System and a signal light system enhancing range safety
  9. RangeMaster Remote Controller
  10. Adequate ventilation system consistent with current government regulations
  11. Acoustic panels for lowering the sound level within the range and preventing the transmission of the noise outside the range.
  12. Ten (10) Overhead Retrieval Targets
  13. Ten (10) Electro-Mechanical Pop-up Targets
  14. Pursuit Running Man Target System